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Why Should I Use Synthetic Engine Oil?

Synthetic engine oil provides better protection in cold temperatures. Cold weather starts account for 20% of engine wear. Synthetics also provide better high temperature protection under sever operating conditions such as stop and go traffic.

Can I Interchange Synthetic and Conventional Oils?

Yes, you can switch to and from conventional to synthetic at any time, and each compatible with the other for top ups.

Can Synthetic Oil Increase my Drain Interval?

Synthetic oils cannot extend your drain interval beyond OEM recommendations. Also, if you drive with heavy loads, in stop and go traffic, do frequent short trips, or drive in dusty conditions

Top Reasons for Fuel System Cleaning

The main reasons for fuel system cleaning: The most important reason you should clean your fuel system is carbon build up that can cause engine failure. Carbon build up is formed from unburnt gas.

Why is Clean Radiator Coolant so Vital?

Radiator coolant (anti-freeze) is vital fluid for your vehicle’s engine. It should be properly maintained like all other fluids. Flushing the coolant system every 2 years will prevent corrosion on all internal working parts.